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Eli, who would feign intoxication, remained sober and listened carefully., In addition to providing loans to government officials and acting as an avid host, he was asked for advice by government officials, who were often intoxicated by the alcohol he freely provided. Israel has had a quiet northern border on the Golan with the exception of some occasional fallout from the Syrian civil war for more than 40years. In real life, Cohen was only able to return to Israel a few times during his mission. His last wish was to see a rabbi. Hence, Nissim Andabo, the elderly chief rabbi of Syria accompanied him to Marjeh Square.. He had been repeatedly interrogated and tortured. in Israel, he found the job of translating weekly and monthly magazines for a man after a few months he was fired. In 1957, Eli joined the Israel Defense Forces as a counterintelligence analyst and later applied for the Israeli intelligence agency 'Mossad,' which rejected him. [16][17] Mossad had carefully planned the tactics that he was to use in building relationships with high-ranking Syrian politicians, military officials, influential public figures, and the diplomatic community. He has reached the apex of success, and it seems that there is no door he can't open. Its waters flow into the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret) and south to the Dead Sea. In December 1956, the Jewish Agency assisted Eli to deport to Israel in a vessel. Still, Israeli Intelligence asked him to return to Syria one more time. Source:The Pedagogic Center, The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, The Jewish Agency for Israel, (c) 1992-2007. Nadia, understandably, has remained fixated on her loss. They successfully detected radio transmissions and were able to triangulate the transmitter. The commenter agrees to the privacy policy of Ynet News and agrees not to submit comments that violate the. He would also lend money to government officials, and many came to him for advice. There he met members of the Jewish Underground, handled by Unit 131 of Israel's Military Intelligence, which was exposed by the Egyptians in 1954. He worked as an accountant and translator. Using Biton, Israel "fed" Egypt with false intelligence that reportedly contributed to the Six Day War victory. The newly appointed Syrian intelligence colonel, Ahmed Su'edani, disliked Eli. Al-Hafidh then sent his bank details, but the deal went cold. In January 1965, Syrian security services broke into Eli's apartment, where he was caught while he was escaping to Israel. Cohen was released because he was not linked with the underground. "Concentrate on yourself; look forward to a better future!". The condom was used as a timing tool for mixed chemicals and produce a minor burst of fire. Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library, Cohen publicly hanged in the Marjeh Square, The Pedagogic Center, The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, The Jewish Agency for Israel, 1998 - 2023 American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. It went wrong, really wrong," he said. I am begging you my dear Nadia not to spend your time in weeping about some thing already passed. Even today Syria refuses to return his body for burial in Israel. Sophia Cohen the 26-year-old daughter of billionaire hedge funder and Mets owner Steve Cohen is no longer engaged to her financier boyfriend Jason Levine, Page Six has confirmed. Learn more. Look after them, raise them up and educate them well, and don't deprive them or yourself of anything. Click the link in that email to complete registration so you can comment. Instead, he joined the Egyptian merchant marine and was involved in a number of scams, which resulted in his arrest by the Egyptian secret service in 1952. It is for these reasons Eli Cohen is known as Israels greatest spy. Altogether, he returned to Israel three times between 1962 and 1965. In 1954, Egyptian authorities arrested Eli for being a terror suspect. He remembered and passed on to Israeli Intelligence the positioning of every Syrian gun, trench, and machine-gun nest in each Golan Heights fortification; tank traps, designed to impede any Israeli attack, were also identified and memorized for future targeting.. One day Cohen was sitting in Saifs office reading a classified document while the Syrian was on the phone. "This cooperation brings significant benefits to New Zealand's national security, we help them (Mossad), and they help us," they added. He was driven to the airport, where his wife Nadia saw him off. Cohen went undercover in Syria as Kamel Amin Thaabet in the early 1960s, aligned himself with key military and government personnel and fed intel back to Israel. However, Eli's loyalty was scrutinized, and he faced harassment by the 'Muslim Brotherhood.' Periodically Eli would return to Israel to speak with his Israeli handlers and visit his wife and small children. He also held parties at his home, which turned into orgies for high-placed Syrian ministers, businessmen, and others, who used Elis apartment for assignations with various women, including Defense Ministry secretaries, airline hostesses, and Syrian singing stars. At these parties such highly-placed officials would talk freely of their work and army plans. Israel could be the target of an aggressive attack by a larger, better Egyptian army that wanted to avenge its shameful defect in the Israel Independence War. Given their history of a paper trail, its fitting but heartbreaking to learn that their final exchange also took place over written correspondence. Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen) was the kind of guy to leave his wife spontaneous love letters throughout the house. Cohens contacts, nurtured through a string of lavish dinner parties, social occasions, and friendships with those in high places, led to invitations to visit Damascus and to set up a business venture there. Diplomats, prime ministers, parliamentarians, and Pope Paul VI tried to intercede. His work bored him and he attempted to join the Mossad, but he was offended when the Mossad rejected him, and he resigned from military counter-intelligence. Once Cohen had established his background, he was inserted into the "target country," Syria, and operated with great success for four years until his capture. Nadia (born Nadia Majald) is an Iraqi Jew who got married to Eli on August 31, 1959. In 1959, he married Nadia Majald, born circa 1935, [10] an Iraqi-Jewish immigrant and the sister of author Sami Michael. In March 1963, General Hafez, Eli's friend was appointed minister of defense in salah Al-Birat's cabinet. On 18 May 1965, Eli cohen was woken by the jailer and fastened the noose, and hang up, the huge poster was fastened on his chest where his sentence was written in Arabic. [9], Cohen continued his social life as he had in Argentina, spending time in cafes listening to political gossip. As Intelligence Chief Meir Amit said, Eli succeeded far beyond the capabilities of most other men.. He continued his social life, spending a lot of time in cafes listening to political gossip. He worked as an accountant. The Syrians and their Russian advisers were alarmed by the intelligence that was seeping out of the country. On May 18, 1965, Eli was publicly hanged at the Marjeh Square in Damascus, Syria. Unfortunately, Nadia and her family are still waiting to get Elis body and have not made peace with it. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. But an interview published in the Cairo Times yesterday with the German-born Weltrude Scheffeldt-Biton suggests that Egyptian intelligence played the most important role in unmasking Cohen. he goes abroad for business and meets Nadia and Sophie in Bat Yam. From the creation of Israel through, the present day, Syria has been one, if not the most, implacable of Israels enemies. But in 1965, he was unmasked. "His parents, Syrian Jews from the thriving town of Aleppo, had always instilled in their educationally minded son the traditions of the Jewish people, of Zionism, and of the culture of Syria's Jewish community, in particular." He lasted until just July that year when he resigned in protest of the Ba'ath military committee executing dissenting rivals who tried to stage a coup for power. Saif calmly replied, Theres nothing to worry about. Eli did go back to Syria, but his behavior changed. By registering you agree to the terms and conditions. When Intelligence came by a second time, he jumped at it. In August 2008, Assad's former bureau chief, Monthir Maosily, revealed that Eli had been buried thrice and that Israel would never receive his body. At these parties, Cohen "dispensed free-flowing liquor and prostitutes",[1] and highly placed officials would openly discuss their work and army plans. they carry out several bombings in Cairo and Alexandria, targeting libraries and cultural centers, cinemas, post offices. Cohen's training was long and exhausting. Since then, Nadia has always counted on him. [34], The Israeli settlement Eliad on the Golan Heights is named for him.[35]. According to an unconfirmed but widely believed story, he feigned sympathy for the soldiers exposed to the sun and had trees planted at every position, placed to provide shade. The Baath party was rising to power and Eli Cohen wanted to be there when it took power. Eli visited other Arab friends as Abdel Latif Hassan and his briefcase was full of enthusiastic letters of recommendation. While working as an intelligence officer offer him a job with high pay, Eli didn't say no and become a secret agent. They married in 1959, a month after meeting, and had three children together. Nadia, widow of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, reacts during an interview with Reuters in Herzliya, Israel October 6, 2019. . Concentrate on yourself; look forward to a better future! Eli told Nadia that he got a job with a company that works with defense and foreign ministries, he needs to travel to Europe to buy tools and equipment, and materials for Israel's military. Sign in to stop seeing this, Sara Netanyahu accosted by protesters at Tel Aviv hair salon, extricated by police, Brides joy turns to sorrow after Elan Ganeles killed driving to her wedding, Hiker discovers 2,500-year-old ancient receipt from reign of Purim kings father, Netanyahu compares Tel Aviv protesters to settlers who set fire to Huwara. In the 1987 TV movie 'The Impossible Spy,' Michal Bat-Adam portrayed Nadia, while in the 2019 'Netflix' series 'The Spy,' Hadar Ratzon-Rotem played her, with Sacha Baron Cohen as Eli. Eli Cohenarrived in Buenos Aires and checked into a hotel .a local teacher would get in touch with him and teach him the Spanish language. In February 1961 one man handed him an Israeli passport in his real name and a plane ticket to Zurich.on his arrival, Eli was met by a white-haired man who gave him a passport from another name, that passport carried an entry visa to chile and a transit visa to Argentina. He took on the name Kamel Amin Thaabet and went to live in Argentina for some time to build a name for himself in the Syrian expat community. In the 1970s, they left Israel for Germany and in 1982, al-Gamal, alias Jacques Biton, died of an illness. On 29 December 2022, Cohen was sworn in as Foreign Minister alongside a new government, and will rotate the position with Israel Katz. Sacha Baron Cohen, the Mossad and Netflix. While there, he gained the trust of Amin al-Hafez, who would later become Syrias president. On January 24, 1965, Syrian intelligence broke into his home in the middle of a transmission. thus Israel needed an agent in Damascus (Sami Micheal, Nadia Cohen's brother was recruited. Others have attributed the carelessness to an almost suicidal tendency perhaps, it was later surmised, he had been in the undercover world too long, but knew he couldnt get out of it. He is being executed according to the two articles 158 and 159 of the military penal code, and articles 271, 272, and 274 of the general penal code. We may recall the Egyptian-Jewish spies from the Operation Susannah fiasco. Look after them, raise them up and educate them well, and don't deprive them or yourself of anythingDo what you must, don't deprive the children of a father. The children could not react to Eli's absence. "I beg you my dear Nadia do not spend your life weeping for what has past," his final letter read. Nine months later, in late 1961, Eli came back to Israel for a visit with his wife Nadia. Eli Cohen, at 29, offered his services to the Israeli Intelligence Services but was rebuked twice. Eli Cohen's son, Shaul, was only 2 weeks old when he last saw his father. Khalid al-Hafidh, a Syrian migrant living in Auckland, claims to be the son Amin al-Hafiz, a Syrian leader who presided over the country during Cohen's execution and his subsequent secret burial. He says the spies wanted him to try and talk to his father's close friends or provide insight. "We have six grandchildren," she says with pride as she points to a family photo on the wall. He had seventeen lovers in Syria, all dazzling beauties with a fair degree of family power. Eli hoped as did Israeli Intelligence that these women would help him escape in time of crisis.. He escaped punishment due to lack of evidence. - From Eli Cohen's last letter to his wife Nadia and his children, written an hour before his execution in Damascus. But as the journalism we do is costly, we invite readers for whom The Times of Israel has become important to help support our work by joining The Times of Israel Community. These skills were instrumental in ensuring the safety and survival of one Kamal Amin Taabet: Eli Cohens new identity. [4], Cohen provided an extensive amount and wide range of intelligence data for the Israeli Army between 1961 and 1965. he supplies Eli with inside information about the political and military situation. [8], Israel's secret police recruited a sabotage unit of Jewish Egyptian citizens in 1955 which attempted to undermine Egypt's relationships with western powers in the "Lavon Affair". The Arabs would have none of it and decided to divert the sources of the Jordan River which originated in Arab-held territory. In this way, the Arabs hoped to deprive Israel of the waters she would need for her national growth. He was eventually exposed and captured by Syrian Intelligence in 1965, sentenced to death and hung at Damascus' main square. Eli Cohen was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and moved to Israel in 1957. Eli studied at a local Jewish community school and then attended the 'University of Alexandria' to study electrical engineering. Meir even appealed to the Soviet Union. They even started to organize a ceremony for Eli at the 'Mossad' headquarters in Glilot. Hes a trusted friend.. Nadia still holds a grudge against the 'Mossad' handlers who had sent Eli to Syria, an action that had taken him away from her, forever. Ben-Dor was pessimistic that Israel would soon be able to retrieve her fathers body from Syria. A number were only released 14 years later, after the 1967 War. Israel attacked the project serval time later they abandon the project in 1965. Concentrate on yourself; look forward to a better future!I send you my last kisses to you and to the children: Sophie, Irit, and Shaoul, and to the rest of my family, especially my motherPlease pray for my soul. Asked to pinpoint what she found not to be reflective of her familys experience, Ben-Dor cited the ethnic gap, noting her mother was never a maid as was portrayed in the series. What is perhaps most amazing about Eli Cohen is that he was genuinely liked even loved by so many of the top Syrian leaders. HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) - A Netflix drama about Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s and was later executed, has received a . I want him (Yossi Cohen) to clarify what hapepned," said the 84-year-old. Eli Cohen was first sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to establish his cover as a Syrian emigre. He organized several protest campaigns against the British rule. Get email notification for articles from Yossi Melman, Reproduction of an Israeli stamp being issued to honour the Mossad intelligence agency spy Eli Cohen who was hanged in Damascus. 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Israel's minister of defense Pinhas Lavon and colonel Benyamin Gibli head of military intelligence, concocted a dangerous and foolish plan if several terrorist bombings were swept Egypt, the British will return to its former bases and concluded that Egypt's couldn't maintain law and order. Recalling Elis final days, Nadia states he was in Bat Yam, with her and the three babies. According to Maurice Cohen, this really happened. This week, KAN 11 began broadcasting a documentary series "Lochem 566," (Fighter 566, Cohen's Mossad codename). But changes were taking place in the Syrian Government that alarmed Eli. Daniel Sonnenfeld,55 years after execution in Syria, Israeli spy Eli Cohen makes headlines,Jerusalem Post, February 27, 2021). After the Israel Independence War In 1954, the British pull out of Egypt completely. Eli's handlers were continually persuading him to return. A New Zealander claiming to the son of a former Syrian president, says he knows the whereabouts of the executed Israeli spy's remains, according to a report on New Zealand news service Newshub on Sunday. He had three brothers. they let him see fortification and the bunkers, weapon concentrated in the area, and their offensive plans.l lieutenant Zaher Al-Din took Eli to the El Hama military camp, where large quantities of new weapons had been stored. One day in 1960 Israeli Intelligence approached him about working for them again. Eli Cohen was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on December 26, 1924, the second of eight children in a family of orthodox Jews. In 1962 Eli cohen was in Damascus with crowded mosques and colorful souks, he rented a luxurious villa in the classy Abu Ramen neighborhood, close to the Syrian embassy. After three months, Eli spoke passable Spanish, knew Buenos Aires well, dressed, and behaved like thousands of Arab immigrants living in Buenos Aires. Another tutor trained him to speak Arabic. [22], It is claimed that the intelligence that Cohen gathered before his arrest was an important factor in Israel's success in the Six-Day War,[23] although some intelligence experts have argued that the information he provided about the Golan Heights fortifications was also readily available from ground and aerial reconnaissance. Were they not interested? [28] The press announced on 5 July 2018 that Cohen's wristwatch had been retrieved from Syria. [12], He was then given a false identity as a Syrian businessman who was returning to the country after living in Argentina. If you've already watched all of The Spy and are curious to know more about Cohen, then these accounts of the real-life Cohen might make for curious reading. Elis connections enabled him to be taken to the Golan Heights a major strategic asset for Syria from 1948-67. [31] A memorial stone has been erected to Cohen in the Garden of the Missing Soldiers in Mount Herzl, Jerusalem. From 1948 until 1967, Syria firing mortar shells from the Syrian occupied Golan Heights into the Jewish settlements of the Upper Galilee below. They had a son, Daniel, and after the Six Day War they celebrated his bar mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. According to Scheffeldt, al-Gamal wrote in his memoirs of his friendship with Marcelle Ninio, who was sentenced to four years in prison for her role in the Jewish Underground, and also about Eli Cohen. A devout Jew, Cohen wore tefillin during prayer, in his youth he planned of becoming a Rabbi with the backup of Moise Ventura (1893-1978), Chief Rabbi of Alexandria but the Rabbinical School closed down. His first assignment was to infiltrate the Jewish community of Alexandria. But even after four decades, there are still many questions related to the Eli Cohen affair, some minor, others major - among them, the way in which Syrian counterintelligence identified the Israeli spy. This is adefinitive andfinal verdict. Egyptian authorities uncovered the spy ring and sentenced two of the members to death. "Suddenly something changed there toward us. Eli expressed his fear and wish to terminate his assignment in Syria during his last visit to Israel in November 1964. It, however, did not change the situation. Nevertheless, Kamal Amin Taabet (Eli Cohen) succeeded in visiting every position. But it . At the beginning of the 1956 War, when Israel occupied the Sinai, Eli Cohen was detained by the Egyptian authorities, and was expelled from Egypt along with the remainder of Alexandrian Jews at the end of the war. In the final episode of The Spy, Cohen's brother Maurice, a Mossad analyst, confronts him after discovering he is the secret Agent 88 in Damascus. Its unfamiliar to me, this form of expression in a global television series. [7][9], Israel staged an international campaign for clemency, hoping to persuade the Syrians not to execute him. He had an input into and an impact on Syrian national defense and was privy to almost all their secrets. Spy Eli Cohen Wife Love Story, American History Has Been Whitewashed, But, Black Teen Girls On TV Are A Mess Finally. In early 1961, Chaim Herzog, Chief of Military Intelligence and later president of Israel, signed the document authorizing Cohens use as a spy. His remains have yet to be returned, despite pleas from his family. Eli Cohen's daughter Sofia Ben-Dor was excited about it because that is all they have. "- From Eli Cohen's last letter to his wife Nadia and his children, written an hour before his execution in Damascus. His captors later remarked on his noble bearing and his courage despite the horrific Syrian interrogation methods. Recruitment into the Mossad. In February 2007, the Turkish government offered to act as a mediator for their return. Ahead of the mission, Cohen had to learn to speak Arabic in a Syrian accent rather than his native Egyptian. Eli was born Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen, on December 26, 1924, in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt, into a staunch Jewish and Zionist family. The 2019 'Netflix' miniseries 'The Spy' had actor Sacha Baron Cohen portraying Eli. In November 1965, Eli's wife wrote to Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad, requesting him to send Elis remains back to Israel. I hope, pray, that he will be returned home by the time I die," Nadia told Haaretz in 2010. His fathers name was Amin Taabet, and his mothers Saadia Ibrahim. His new friends introduced Eli to top government officials, senior army officers, and leaders of the ruling party. In a February 2006 interview with Jewish Magazine, Maurice Cohen said that he informed his brother that he knew he was "our man in Damascus" in an intriguing way, rather than outright confronting him as seen in The Spy. "The moment that they informed me [of the watch's recovery] my mouth went dry and I got the chills," Nadia told Israeli TV. One day they took Eli to visit the Syrian positions along Israel's border. Cohen would then send intelligence back to Israel using a hidden radio transmitter. one after the other 69 people were arrested. Cohen accepted the calling. Eli was friends with two highly placed Army officers, Colonels Hatoum and Dali, who were fully informed about the scheme. During their exchange, Cohen signs off by asking, "Did N get the Singer?" when you were three, your family left Lebanon and moved to Egypt Alexandria. He made friends who moved in highly influential Syrian circles, transmitting his findings back to Israel via radio. His training was extensive and exhaustive. Eli found out about Syria's secret plan to attack the Israeli defense forces. "I have passed your response to our partners and am waiting for a reply," said the agent. Do what you must, don't deprive the children of a father. No film or video was previously known to exist of the execution. He then left the university and continued his studies at home. Nadia, however, never remarried. One day they took Eli to visit the Syrian positions along Israel's border. In order to capture the Golan Heights during the 1967 Six-Day War, Israeli soldiers had to knock out a number of well-fortified Syrian outposts. [15], Cohen moved to Damascus in February 1962 under the alias Kamel Amin Thaabet (Arabic: ). Cohen had aided the unit and was implicated, but they found no link between him and the perpetrators. And much of the credit for Israels ability to capture the Golan was due to Eli Cohen, Israels greatest spy. Nadia wishes to be buried beside Elis grave. Eli had to conceal the microfilm inexpensive boxes containing backgammon pieces .the music ornament could be dug out of the polished wood and reinserted after microfilm had been placed in the cavity. Elis larger-than-life persona has attracted many filmmakers, who have then used his story for their projects. It was after Atassi resigned on July 27 that Hafiz was named president. [7] Cohen is married, has four children and lives in Holon. They observed a period of radio silence, in the hope that any illegal transmissions could be identified. they made great efforts to locate the secret transmission to Israel with help of Soviet-made equipment, in January 1965 they got success. The Israeli government and Cohens widow have for many years sought the return of Elis body. Eli Cohenalso learned to identify the type and age of tanks, aircraft, and cannons. China Offering Cutting Edge Type 052D Destroyers For Export: Are Algeria and Russia its Most lIkely Clients? The Israel Defense Forces were alleged to have used the trees as targeting markers during the Six-Day War, which enabled Israel to capture the Golan Heights in two days. He was promised support in any venture he might wish to undertake, and the generous sums of cash which he appeared to possess appealed to the unscrupulous who thought he could provide grease to their financial ambitions, as well as patriotic Syrians who hoped for an infusion of foreign capital into the Syrian state. The following year, Syria found out about Cohen by tracing his intelligence transmissions to Israel. In 1949, his parents and three brothers moved to Israel while Eli remained in Egypt to coordinate Jewish and Zionist activities there. Since Eli did not have a steady job back then, even though he worked as an accountant, he had to rely more on Nadia to help support the family and their marriage. But what happened next apparently deviates from the way it appears in the show. Thank you, David Horovitz, Founding Editor of The Times of Israel, 2023 The Times of Israel , All Rights Reserved, Sophie Ben-Dor (Screen capture: Channel 12 News), This undated photo shows Israeli spy Eli Cohen in Syria wearing a wristwatch recovered by the Mossad in 2018. But the intelligence officers convinced him to go back one last time. Every morning, Eli would leave home and head for the Aman training center. In the interview, she said that her husband left behind memoirs, notes and other evidence. All these years, I remained faithful to him. Al-Hafidh claims he was in negotiations with the Mossad to reveal the information, but wanted $1million for his services which the intelligence agency refused to pay. Earlier communication between the alleged son and the intelligence agency reveals Al-Hafidh was adamant on receiving the money. Israeli spy who was captured and executed in Syria, that enabled them to destroy the equipment prepared for the task, "Israel's Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy", "Rumors fly that body of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen was found", "Eli Cohen, notre agent "top secret" Damas", "Mossad's master of deception: the astounding true story of Israeli super-spy Eli Cohen", Widow of Israeli spy Eli Cohen: Netflix drama 'raises my blood pressure', "Unending agony for legendary spy Eli Cohen and his widow", "Israel's secret war against Hitler's scientists", "The History of Elie Cohen: An Egyptian Jew who became Israel's greatest spy", "Will Israel's superspy finally rest in peace? "My darling Nadia, and my dear family,I am writing you these last words, minutes before my end, with the hope that you stay together forever.I beg my wife to forgive me, to take care of herself and our children. On January 25, 2000, Nadia presented a picture of a new postage stamp with Elis face, to Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, honoring her husband. In a display of generosity, the tabet contributed some money to build a public kitchen for the poor of Damascus. The melting winter snows produce a huge run-off of water which makes the Golan a beautifully verdant area in the late winter and spring and irrigates the Hula and Jordan Valleys below. On September 20, 2016, an unknown Syrian group named 'Syrian Art Treasures' posted a 'Facebook' video showing Eli's body after his execution. The complete trust Cohen enjoyed among his unwitting informants is illustrated by the following incident, which might have serious consequences for the Israeli agents. In 1965, the Syrian secret service was on high alert. They further said that the use of the term "partner" is generic and is applied to all those agencies with which we have contact.

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